Homeshow-Winner“The day ELDER installed my free furnace that I won at the home show was a godsend to me and my family, after getting taken advantage of   by a remodeling contractor a few years ago it was so nice to deal with a company that sent professional workers who were polite and took the time to cover my belongings and floors before any work was done , with my new high efficient furnace my heating bills dropped by an average of 200 dollars or more a month, was able to buy a much newer car with the money I had been saving to replace my old out dated  furnace , I would recommend elder heating and air to all my friends family and coworkers ,I was so pleased with the work these men did in my home that I fixed them a big home cooked meal and they seemed to love it . thank you so much ,Elder Heating and Air.

Tambra Hillerich (happy home owner)

I called Elder Heating & Air and they sent us a tech on Thursday who did a great job:

1 – He actually took out the draft blower and figured out there were no cracks in it (the Bryant tech had just taken a picture of it w/o removing the metal sheet in front of the blower, using an endoscope-like device which took poor images making it hard to be conclusive about the nature of the issue).

Turns out some of the screws holding the blower housing together had loosened over time, and that in addition the drain pipe at the bottom of the housing was clogged: the combination of these 2 conditions led to water being trapped at the bottom of the blower and then dripping at the screw attachment points …

The Elder tech (William) cleaned up the drain and tested the housing for water tightness and just put everything back in place telling us we should be fine and to just take another look in  May when we get our pre-summer service visit.

2 – There was also another drain at the very bottom of the furnace, and it was also completely clogged, so William cleaned that up as well.

Conclusion: stay away from Bryant Heating & Cooling, and if you need help with your furnace, Elder seems to be a good choice (they told they charge $65/hour and I would recommend asking for William if he is available because he is a young guy but seems to be really competent and conscientious …).

Lyn & Bobby, thank you for saving us $700 🙂 !


Roy is a great technician!

Roger Costello

Thank you all for everything, church feels great now. – Elder installed a new furnace.

New Beginnings Baptist Church – Michelle Carmen

Chad (our service technician) is a rock star! Great team and awesome experience. When it is time for a new furnace, we will go with Elder Heating & Air.

David Semeyn

Elder Heating And Air

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