The air ducts are among the most vital HVAC parts for ensuring top-notch air conditioning. Investing in a new ductwork system before spring arrives is the perfect choice to enhance your home’s air circulation. Here are notable indicators that your house needs new ductwork in Shelbyville, KY.


Similar to HVAC systems, ductwork efficiency deteriorates with old age. Air ducts retain peak air circulation efficiency for 10 to 12 years. The ductwork system wears over the years, causing gradual damage and decay.

Common problems for older ductwork systems include broken joints, leaking seals, and cracked surfaces. Additionally, if you noted an unexpected spike in your energy expenses during winter, your air ducts could be calling for a replacement.

Unfamiliar Noises

Another sign that your house might require a new ductwork system is loud operations. Properly installed ductwork systems should produce very little noise. Therefore, if your air ducts suddenly produce distracting noises, it’s time to think about upgrading.

Noisy operations can signify problems in the ductwork. Reasons for loud air ducts include structural damage, debris buildup, and clogging. Professional ductwork replacement will reinstate efficient air conditioning and comfort.

Poor Installation

Essentially, the air ducts are among the most delicate HVAC components. Poor-quality installation impedes the AC efficiency, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Major problems arising from incorrect ductwork installation include inconsistent airflow and skyrocketing AC expenses. Improper installation also burdens other HVAC parts, lowering the expected lifespan. Make sure to hire an HVAC expert for your ductwork installation and maintenance.

Poor Airflow

Installing a new ductwork system is the best way to fix weak air circulation. Ductwork problems, including blocking, biological growth, and leaks, are the major culprits behind inconsistent airflow. While replacing your ductwork, ensure the air duct size suits your home.

Contact Elder Heating and Air to provide healthy air quality. We offer excellent ductwork installation and maintenance services to sustain efficient air conditioning.

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