Keeping your home comfortable in the winter can be an expensive undertaking. An old or inefficient furnace can skyrocket your costs while leaving your home cold and uncomfortable. Here are four signs that you have an inefficient furnace in Taylorsville, KY.

1. High Monthly Energy Bills

Inefficient heating systems aren’t able to fully utilize the fuel they’re burning. These systems will work harder and require more fuel to produce the same amount of heat. An aging system is more likely to be inefficient due to its broken or worn-out components.

2. Inconsistent Temperature Control

You may notice that it takes longer for your home to warm up. Some rooms may never feel warm enough, while others are too hot. This issue is often caused by dirty air filters or clogged ducts impacting the flow of air.

3. Frequent Cycling

A furnace’s cycle is how long it’s on and producing heat before the home reaches the desired temperature. If your furnace is constantly on, it isn’t producing enough heat to meet your needs. The longer your heating system struggles to create heat, the more stress it will experience.

4. Low AFUE Rating

Your heating system’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating also plays a part in its usefulness. Older furnaces tend to have ratings between 60% and 80%, meaning they waste anywhere from 20% to 40% of their energy on flue gases. Newer models have improved ratings as high as 95%.

Start saving money on your bills and maintenance needs by having our technicians install a new furnace. Investing in a new heating system will often save you more money than trying to keep your old one alive for as long as possible.

Don’t let your inefficient HVAC system rack up your bills and decrease your comfort. Contact us at Elder Heating and Air for dependable furnace and heating services in Taylorsville, KY. We’re a family-owned indoor comfort company that provides emergency repairs.

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