AC maintenance includes replacing or changing dirty or clogged air filters every three months or more often. When air filters become dirty or clogged with debris, they make the air conditioner less effective and allow contaminants to circulate indoors. Here are some potential problems that a dirty air filter can cause your AC in St. Matthews, KY..

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Dirty air filters allow dust, dust, and contaminants to enter the air ducts and circulate in your home. If you notice poor indoor air quality signs, such as respiratory health problems or biological growth, dirty air filters could be the culprit. Replacing or cleaning them can help to improve indoor air quality and protect your family’s health.

An Increase in Energy Usage

Dirty air filters cause an AC to work harder, which strains the system and forces it to consume more energy than usual. That increases utility bills because the air conditioner must work harder to cool your home.

Call an HVAC expert for AC repair services. You can also replace your air filters if you notice a sudden increase in your utility bills.

Reduction in System Longevity

If you neglect cleaning or replacing air filters, the air conditioner works harder than usual and for long periods. That means increasing the system’s wear and t[/box]
ear and eventually reducing the lifespan. The dirt accumulating in the air filter finds its way into the AC’s crucial components, resulting in a system failure.


Clogged or dirty air filters cause the AC to overheat. When the air filters clog with dirt, the air conditioner works harder to keep up with its role of cooling your home. That puts pressure on the AC, overheating it.

You can prevent these problems by maintaining clean air filters. Replace or clean filters monthly if you have allergies, pets or reside in a dusty environment. Call us at Elder Heating and Air today for quality and affordable AC installation services.

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