The U.S. Energy Information Administration, which studies energy use, reports that commercial HVAC accounts for about 49% of your space’s energy needs. If you can improve your system’s energy efficiency, you’ll reduce your company’s environmental impact while improving your bottom line. Follow these simple tips to improve your commercial HVAC system’s efficiency this year in Fairdale, KY.

Maintenance Is Key

The most important aspect to keeping your system running efficiently is proper routine HVAC maintenance. A neglected system experiences airflow restrictions and component strain. Both of these increase resistance within the system and increases cycle length.

Get Economical with an Economizer

One of the challenges to a commercial HVAC system is the need to continually circulate air through your space. In many cases, this means you are running your air conditioning to cool your space even if it’s cool outside.

An economizer is a component that includes sensors to detect the air temperature outside as well as a series of dampeners. When the air is cool outside, it allows the system to draw in fresh air that also cools your space. This reduces the need to run the compressor, reducing your energy consumption.

Zone Your Space

Most commercial buildings have different cooling needs for different areas. Running a single thermostat for the entire space leaves some spaces too hot and others too cold. Combat this by zoning your space, so you can maintain the right temperature in each zone based on its need.

Check Your Ductwork

The massive ductwork systems in commercial spaces are a prime area for energy loss. Not only does the ductwork allow the air to absorb ambient heat, but it also allows air pressure to escape. To maintain efficiency and reduce the load on your system, have your ductwork properly sealed and insulated.

Ensure your commercial HVAC system isn’t needlessly cutting into your profits. Call our experts at Elder Heating and Air today to schedule a commercial HVAC consultation.

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