Are you building an addition to your La Grange, KY home or want to add AC to a room that doesn’t already have it? If so, you may want to consider investing in ductless air conditioning. Mini-splits can easily heat or cool a single room without having to add ductwork or upgrade your current unit.

Ductless Systems Have an Indoor Unit and an Outdoor Unit

Like central AC systems, ductless mini-splits rely on two main components: an internal air handler and an external compressor. The inside unit is typically mounted on a wall and can be controlled with a remote. The indoor and the outdoor unit are connected via a rubber conduit that contains all the required wiring and tubing.

Ductless units also push air across a coil to cool it down the same way central models do. However, each air handler of a mini-split or multi-split system is controlled by its own thermostat. This gives you unmatched control over both your comfort and your energy usage.

Ductless AC Units Can Be More Efficient

One of the main benefits of choosing a ductless air conditioning system is its efficiency. Ductless units can cool down a room quickly because they don’t need to push air through a series of ducts. With ductwork, cool air can get “lost” along the way as it seeps through cracks or warms up before it reaches its destination. With ductless mini-splits, the air is immediately pushed into the room that it is intended to cool.

While this option is ideal for cooling singular rooms, a mini-split unit usually is not efficient for cooling larger spaces or entire homes. However, a multi-zone setup using several compressors with multiple blowers can replace a whole-home, central system. Plus you can save money every month on utilities by not having to heat and cool rooms that you aren’t currently using.

Call Us for a Ductless AC Consultation

At Elder Heating and Air, we specialize in all forms of HVAC installation and repair. If you are considering adding a ductless system to your home, call us for a free consultation and estimate for the time and cost. We’re here to help 24/7.

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