Heat pumps are powerful multipurpose devices that combine the separate functions of a heating system and a cooling system unit into one package. The dual functionality of heat pumps can work to boost your home’s value in Jeffersontown, KY.

Lower Energy Costs

Because of the way they are designed, heat pumps tend to use less energy to do the same work as traditional HVAC systems. Heat pumps have the ability to switch seamlessly between heating and cooling modes, meaning that you won’t have to use large bursts of power to initialize either an AC or a furnace. In the long run, these energy savings often make homes with heat pumps more attractive, raising their market value.

We should emphasize, however, that to be able to reap these benefits consistently, your heat pump must be in good shape. To ensure that that is the case, you need to remember to have HVAC technicians conduct maintenance on your unit at least twice a year.

A Lower Carbon Footprint

Heat pumps run on electricity rather than natural gas or other fossil fuels. That means that their overall adverse impact on the environment is significantly lower than that of a traditional HVAC system.

Higher Home Values

Greater energy efficiency and the fact that heat pumps don’t use fossil fuels are not mere fringe benefits that make themselves felt only indirectly. In fact, they have a very direct and tangible impact on home values.

Installing a heat pump can raise the value of one’s property by a considerable amount. The primary reason for this increase is that more people want energy-efficient technology in their homes.

Despite high up-front installation costs, heat pumps are good investments and could potentially increase your home’s value. At Elder Heating and Air, we provide reliable HVAC services to Jeffersontown, KY, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to learn more about heat humps or to schedule a heat pump installation.

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