The air conditioner in your Fairdale, KY, should keep you cool and comfortable inside your home, and there are many days when it also keeps you safe from the summer heat. When it’s not cooling your home and instead blowing out warm air, it’s not doing its job. A number of AC issues can cause your system to produce warm air, so knowing why it isn’t cooling your home is essential.

Improper Thermostat Settings

If your thermostat is set on “Heat” or the fan is “On,” your air conditioner isn’t set for cooling. Changes in the settings can happen if kids play with the controls or someone accidentally bumps it.

You can easily reset it to what it should be if you notice warm air coming out of the vents. However, should the warm air keep happening or the changes not matter, your thermostat might need professional attention.

Drain Clogs

When the AC’s refrigerant pulls heat out of your home’s air, moisture condenses into visible droplets, and that moisture has to go somewhere to exit the system. A drain line exists for this very purpose.

However, anything clogging it, such as dirt or debris, means the water may go back into the air conditioner, where it can damage the system. The leaks sometimes damage walls, flooring, and furniture.

Missing Noises

Your home’s AC installation relies on refrigerant to absorb humidity and heat for the cooling process to happen. Hissing noises coming from your AC equipment signify a refrigerant leak. If there’s insufficient refrigerant, the AC won’t be as efficient as it should be, and it might not even work.

Leaking Ducts

Your home’s ducts exist to move cool, conditioned air to every room the system connects to, but a large enough leak can mix warm air with that. The air delivered to a room isn’t cool enough to drop the temperature. Professionals are your best option for ductwork matters, whether that’s preventative cleaning or repairs after the fact.

Replacement Time

Many air conditioners last as long as two decades when properly cared for, but no amount of maintenance will keep it running forever. If you’ve stayed on top of all the scheduled tasks but still have a system struggling to keep your home cool inside when it’s hot outside, you should consider potential replacement units. Industry professionals can assess your home’s needs and give you options.

Nearly every case of air conditioning issues is something that routine maintenance can prevent. Arranging for regular service for your home’s air conditioning also improves the system’s efficiency and lifespan. Contact us at Elder Heating and Air for your home’s AC repair services.

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