The straightforward answer to the question we’ve posed in our title is “no.” Water should never leak from a ductless system, and homeowners in Taylorsville, KY need to recognize such a thing as a sign of trouble. If you’re looking for answers, here are a few reasons why water might leak from your ductless system.

Clogged Filters

Each one of your mini-split’s air handlers will have its own air handler. You may know that if you don’t replace or clean these filters about once per month, your indoor air quality and your system’s energy efficiency and overall performance will suffer. You may not know, however, that failing to replace your filters may also cause leaks.

This is possible because, in restricting airflow, dirty filters also make it less likely that hot refrigerant will come into significant contact with your mini-split’s compressor, coils and other important components. Hence, any condensate gathering in these places will be more likely to freeze. Then, after the ice defrosts at a later time, a great deal of water may finally leak out.

Cracked Drain Pan

Ductless mini-splits have ways of eliminating condensate that appears inside them. Before flushing out that condensate forever, the system should direct it into a drain pan. However, water can easily drip through any cracks in that drain pan.

To stop this kind of water leak, have an HVAC technician fix or replace that drain pan. This is a simple part of any maintenance operation on a ductless mini-split.

Obstructed Drain Line

Even if your drain pan is in good shape, leaks may develop because of obstructions in your system’s condensate drain line. Ordinarily, water should go into the drain line from the pan and simply flow away. However, if any kind of debris blocks that line, the water either won’t be able to flow away or will bubble back up and burst from your system.

Always keep a close eye out for any and all leaks coming from your system. If you live in Taylorsville, KY and notice one, call Elder Heating and Air, and ask for ductless mini-split services right away.

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