Naturally, everyone wants their air conditioner to be as efficient as possible. Subpar AC efficiency will cause you trouble as you try to stay cool in Shelbyville, KY this summer, so it isn’t something you should put up with. These are a few signs that you probably have an inefficient AC.

Rising Electric Bills

The less efficient your AC is, the more electricity it will need to use. The more electricity it devours, the higher your power bills will be. Hence, the size of your utility bills is the simplest metric by which you can judge your AC’s efficiency.

You should pay special attention to how the size of your bills changes over time. For example, if your bills have ballooned in size in comparison to last summer, it’s reasonable to suspect that your AC’s efficiency has slumped. While that’s not the only possible explanation for such an event, it’s one that you ought to keep in mind.

Frequent Breakdowns

An efficient AC is probably also a resilient AC. Though it’s normal for your system to need repairs every so often, those repairs should restore effectiveness for a good length of time. Frequent breakdowns strongly suggest that efficiency is waning.

Hissing Noises

Your AC will not be able to perform efficiently if it doesn’t have enough refrigerant. Refrigerant makes heat transfer possible, which means that your AC can’t produce cool air without it. The more refrigerant your system loses through a leak, the more its efficiency will drop.

A hissing noise is one of the surest signs of a refrigerant leak. If you smell anything that resembles ether or chloroform, that’s another powerful piece of confirmation. HVAC technicians can refill your AC with refrigerant when they perform tune-ups.

There is no good reason to passively endure the summer heat in Shelbyville, KY with an inefficient AC. If you happen to see the appropriate signs, call us at Elder Heating and Air and schedule AC repair services today.

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