An overheating furnace poses potential hazards for your property and HVAC unit. Typically, an overheating furnace exhibits a persistent burning odor and strange noises. Below are the top reasons for an overheating furnace in Clarksville, IN.

Airflow Problems

The most common cause of overheating in the furnace is airflow issues. Continued accumulation of dirt and debris in the air filters clogs the ventilation system. Consequently, blocked vents hinder free airflow from the furnace.

A professional inspection is crucial to prevent dirt buildup. Additionally, make sure to replace the air filters at least twice a year.

Dirty Furnace Components

Dirty components in the interior surface of the furnace also contribute to overheating. If the furnace has a blocked filter, other internal parts are similarly dirty.

Grime accumulation in the coil, to a great extent, hinders heat exchange. Moreover, dust buildup in the blower motor impedes ventilation, resulting in an overheating furnace. Contact an HVAC specialist for expert cleaning and maintenance of the furnace components.

Mechanical Problems

An overheating furnace could also occur due to mechanical hitches. The cold winter weather may cause overworking of the furnace’s electrical and mechanical components. Subsequently, a short circuit may arise in the internal parts of the furnace.

It’s best if you schedule a thorough inspection before the winter season. An inspection will identify underlying mechanical problems before they cause extensive damage to the furnace.

The Furnace Is Old

The standard life expectancy for most furnace systems ranges from 15 to 20 years. As the furnace ages, its effectiveness takes a huge dip.

Gradual wear of the furnace’s internal components reduces efficiency and reliability. Older furnace systems also lack advanced safety features. If your furnace begins overheating due to old age, consider getting a new furnace system.

In case you’re struggling with an overheating furnace, you should seek professional assistance. Contact Elder Heating and Air for impeccable furnace installation and repair services.

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