For most furnaces, especially those that are a bit older, it’s not uncommon for them to make a noticeable clicking sound followed by humming as a cycle starts. However, lots of noises or new strange functioning sounds could point to a serious internal issue. Here are a few common furnace sounds and what they may mean in Louisville, KY.


A significant rattling sound could point to a loose door or bolt within the system. They have a variety of moving parts that constantly turn, shift and can become loose with time. Less commonly, it could indicate you have a damaged heat exchanger that may be leaking carbon monoxide.


The most likely cause behind a whistling furnace is a clogged air filter. Over time, your filter will fill with airborne debris that limits how much air can get into the system. A full filter has narrower openings that compress the air and will cause it to whistle as it enters your furnace.


Your blower motor has fan belts that can wear out or slip from their tracks. When they start to fail, they can create an unpleasant squealing or screeching sound. The excess friction in the system will ultimately cause more damage to the blower and surrounding parts, increasing your need for expert furnace repairs.


If you hear grinding, your bearings may be about to fail. These parts allow other essential blower parts to keep rotating without any friction. When they wear out, they can take a toll on your furnace’s efficiency as well as its lifespan.

You never want to risk an odd new noise developing into a more significant problem. Fortunately, having highly-trained HVAC technicians inspect your heating system regularly can save you expensive replacement costs in the future. Call Elder Heating and Air for reliable maintenance services in Louisville, KY.

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