An air conditioner is important in keeping your house in Masonic Home, KY, comfortable and cool. If you are noticing unusual squealing coming from your AC, it is important to consult with a professional. A squealing sound from the AC could be a problem with the fan belt, lubricant or condenser fan bearings.

Damaged Fan Belt

The fan belt is the piece of the AC connecting the motor to the fan. Over time, due to temperature changes, the belt can change shape and become more susceptible to breaking. If you are hearing a squealing noise from your AC and suspect an issue with the fan belt, do not attempt to fix it yourself; reach out to a professional.

Low Lubricant

The motors in air conditioners become noisy and squeal when the AC is low on lubricant. Your household lubrication products are not effective enough and could damage the AC unit further. Instead, a qualified technician can determine which type of lubricant to use and apply it.

Wear and Tear on Condenser Fan Bearings

Instead of a belt, some AC units have bearings that attach the condenser fan to the motor. You may hear a squealing sound coming from these bearings with time. It is normal for these bearings to wear out, but you need to contact a technician to repair the bearings before the bearings cause more serious damage to the motor.

Some common reasons your AC may be squealing include a worn-out fan belt, low lubricant, or damage to the condenser fan bearings. If you hear a squealing sound from your AC, you will want to contact a technician to identify the source and repair the issue. Contact our professionals at Elder Heating and Air for air conditioning maintenance and repair services.

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