Size does matter when it comes to choosing heating and air conditioning equipment for your Jeffersontown, KY home. It’s always a wise move for homeowners to spend some time thinking about what modern HVAC features are most important to them and looking onto their options. Determining the proper size of your new system plays a crucial role in the selection process

Oversized Systems Create Temperature Swings

Some homeowners make the mistake of buying a large HVAC system because they think it will cool down a house faster. However, this can create dramatic temperature differences throughout the house. Units that are too large cool down the area near the thermostat and then immediately shut off, As a result, the air conditioner has to keep turning on and off repeatedly while the homeowner feels uncomfortable. This is called “short-cycling,” and it’s neither efficient nor is it good for the overall lifespan of your system.

Your HVAC System Also Controls Your Humidity

Your air conditioner cools the air, but it also pulls moisture from your house, lowering humidity levels and making your home feel less sticky. If you choose an oversized HVAC system, then your home could cool down quickly, but the humidity level will still be high. You might feel clammy or uncomfortable just sitting in your home.

The Wrong Size Unit Drives Up Your Electric Bills

When your system is too large, it uses more energy to keep a house cool. As a result, you may see an unexplained bump in your electrical costs. Of course, a system that’s too small also drives up utility costs by running constantly to keep up with heating or cooling demands.

The best HVAC systems you’ll find have been sized specifically for the house that they service. That’s done by performing a Manual J load calculation before the system is installed. Some HVAC dealers will simply replace the existing system in your home with one the same size and skip this crucial part of the process.

Call Us Today for an HVAC Estimate

If you need a new air conditioner installed in your home, call Elder Heating and Air for a free estimate. We’ll help you figure out the size that you need and which models would work best for you. Our experts can walk you through the load calculation process and make sound recommendations for a smooth installation based on our abundant experience.

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