During the summer in Louisville, KY, you rely on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable. However, you may notice a strange smell from time to time. Here are five kinds of AC odors and their common causes.


A burning or gunpowder smell can either mean there’s dust in your unit after a long period of inactivity or something is burning within your unit. Do not attempt to fix it yourself but turn off and unplug your unit before calling an HVAC professional. If you smell a fire or see smoke, call your fire department first.


Vehicles and power tools aren’t the only things that emit exhaust fumes. An exhaust odor means that you might have a refrigerant leak in your air conditioner. As refrigerant impacts your indoor air quality, immediately contact an HVAC professional for maintenance. It would be dangerous to handle this on your own.


A musty odor comes from a buildup of condensation within your unit. When this condensation doesn’t properly drain, it moves into other areas of your HVAC system, allowing spores to grow. This biological growth can have a serious impact on your indoor air quality and health.

Rotten Eggs

The scent of rotten eggs is another odor you need to take seriously. This one indicates a natural gas leak. Before calling your gas company, open your window and have everyone leave your home, including your pets.


Your HVAC system is a refuge for small animals during the winter months. However, not all of them survive the winter, and some die in your HVAC system. If you smell a strong odor of garbage, it means there’s a small animal that died in your HVAC system, and you need to call an HVAC professional to remove it.

If you believe you have a problem with your AC during the summer, then don’t wait. Contact us at Elder Heating and Air for all your AC repair needs.

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