Like many first-time inventions, the first air pump constructed in Austria in 1885 was crude, bulky, and loud. Though modern-day heat pumps are easier on the ears, for those living in present-day Fairdale, KY, a loud heat pump is usually nothing to worry about. However, if you’re hearing unusual noises such as clanging, gurgling, or grinding, it’s best to contact a professional for service.

Reasons a Heat Pump Gets Loud

Heat pumps make noise. If these noises seem louder than usual, one of two things is probably happening. The compressor may be running at a higher level.

It’s also possible your unit is in “defrost” mode. In most cases, loud noises are unlikely to signal serious issues. With that said, a HVAC tune-up never hurts.

Clanging Metal

If you hear clanging metal sounds coming from your heat pump, this likely means there’s a problem with your unit’s fan. Turn off your unit to avoid further damage. We can inspect the cause and make any necessary repairs.

Grinding, Gurgling, or Buzzing

If the refrigerant levels in your heat pump’s refrigerant lines can become depleted, this will cause the unit to make gurgling noises. Grinding noises usually indicate a dirty motor bearing, and buzzing sounds could mean coil malfunctions. These are all red flags that require professional service to maintain the unit’s integrity.


Rattling noises could be something as simple as a loose panel. If the noise persists after tightening some screws, then there could be more serious problems, such as air handler issues or problematic piping.

Professional Heat Pump Services

If you’re hearing strange noises coming from your heat pump, don’t risk further damage. Turn off the unit and contact Elder Heating and Air for heat pump inspection and repair services. We can inspect the cause of any unusual sounds and make necessary repairs to restore optimal performance.

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