Louisville, KY experiences a wide variety of weather conditions, and you might deal with ice or snow one day only to have warm and humid weather a few days later. A heat pump offers both heating and cooling functions, and it uses electricity instead of natural gas for heating. An important factor to consider when installing a new heat pump relates to the number of phases its compressor uses. Understanding the advantages of 3-phase heat pumps helps you make an informed purchasing decision.

Rapid Response to Changing Weather Conditions

A 3-phase heat pump features the ability to rapidly respond to variable weather conditions.The variable-speed drive ramps up the cooling or heating when the system’s thermostat detects a significant swing in the temperature. It also engages the backup or auxiliary heating system only when needed, which reduces unnecessary energy use.

Operate At Lowest Speed Most of the Time

Almost all of the time, a 3-phase heat pump’s compressor and blower operate at the lowest necessary speeds to reach and maintain the temperature setting on your thermostat. Operating at the lower speed level reduces the unit’s electricity use by two to three times, notes the Department of Energy. Cycling at lower speed also reduces wear and tear, so the heat pump will last longer and experience fewer malfunctions and sudden breakdowns from worn-out parts.

Lower Power Consumption At Startup

A common problem with single-phase heat pumps is their huge electricity demand at the initiation of a heating or air conditioning cycle. In some homes, the heat pump demands up to 25% of the electrical panel’s capacity. A 3-phase heat pump doesn’t require so much electricity to start a heating or conditioning cycle, so you’ll spend less on your electricity bills.

To learn more about the ways 3-phase heat pumps conserve energy and enhance your comfort, take a look at Elder Heating and Air’s professional HVAC installation services, or contact us today.

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