As the summer continues, the UV rays refuse to show any mercy as the heat rages on in Jeffersontown, KY. While the hotter temperatures won’t decrease for a little while, this doesn’t mean that your cooling bill can’t decrease. As you brave the high temperatures that are synonymous with the southeast region, consider the following practical ways to reduce your cooling costs.

1. Close the Windows, Doors, and Coverings

While it’s nice to allow some fresh air to circulate through your home, it’s not wise to allow hot air into the house. The HVAC unit detects the heat, and it works harder to bring the home’s temperature back to the normal setting. The same sentiment holds true for window coverings.

Whether you’ve installed blinds or curtains, keep them closed. As the sun shines through the open windows, it also makes the rooms much hotter. In order to avoid the activation of the HVAC unit, monitor the amount of sunlight that shines in.

2. Change Your Air Filter

Your air filters collect dirt, debris, and allergens to prevent them from floating through the air. Replace the filters monthly as neglecting the air filters leads to the HVAC unit working harder to push air throughout the home. The harder the unit works, the higher the cooling bill becomes.

3. Avoid the Use of High-Energy Appliances

Focus more on planning meals that don’t require consistent use of the oven. Head outside to cook on the grill during the summer months. When the oven isn’t in use, the kitchen becomes cooler.

In addition to waiting until you have a full load of laundry or dishes to clean, run those appliances in the early morning hours or the late evening hours. The HVAC unit won’t work as hard to cool down a house during those times.

At Elder Heating and Air, we fully understand the challenges of reducing a cooling bill during the hottest months of the year. With intentional use of these tips and our maintenance support, it’s much easier to see positive changes in the monthly statement. Contact our professionals at Elder Heating and Air in order to gain access to AC repair and AC installation services as well as excellent maintenance support to help you experience the cooling cost reduction you deserve.

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