Are you planning on a furnace upgrade over the next several months? If you live in Louisville, KY, a modulating gas furnace is probably your most energy-efficient option.

Why Are Modulating Gas Furnaces So Efficient?

These state-of-the-art heating systems differ from traditional furnaces in two important ways. First, they have variable-speed blowers. Second, they have modulating gas valves. With those two features, modulating furnaces can maintain a consistent indoor temperature based precisely on the real-time heating needs of your home.

How Do Modulating Gas Furnaces Work?

Upon startup, the furnace’s gas valves open completely. Running at 100 percent capacity, the unit generates a great deal of heat in a very short time. Then, the variable-speed blower kicks in at the lowest possible setting. It gradually increases its speed, and the gas valves slowly close to reduce heating output and preserve fuel.

After the desired temperature is achieved, both components reduce output and generate just enough heat to maintain the thermostat setting.

Reasons to Consider a Modulating Furnace Installation

  • Reduces Noise: Modulating furnaces perform quietly, especially when the variable-speed blower is operating at low speed. Some homeowners compare the noise level to that of a purring cat.
  • Eliminates Cycling: A modulating furnace might run all day without turning off. The power it takes for a furnace to cycle on is greater than the energy it takes for that furnace to run all day at low speed.
  • Lowers Energy Bills: Modulating furnaces have Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiencies (AFUE) as high as 98 percent. They are the most cost-effective options when it comes to long-term energy savings.
  • Cleans Indoor Air: With longer and slower running times, indoor air makes many more trips through the air filter where contaminants can be trapped and removed.
  • Provides Consistent Comfort: Modulating furnaces maintain an equitable distribution of warmth throughout your home. Drafts and cold spots disappear.
  • Extends Equipment Service Life: When a modulating furnace is operating at low speed, it works less and accomplishes more. Wear and tear are reduced, so the furnace lasts longer and has fewer breakdowns.

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